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     Todd's 2003 25th Anniversary Edition Roadstar Added 12/07  


      Todd's ( DragonLord ) 1986 XJ700 XS Maxim X   SOLD!
Check out the new NEON Experiment Pictures!!!


     Grtn Kees Borst's 1984 Yamaha XJ650 and 1982 Yamaha XJ Added 11/4/2011               NEW PHOTOS ADDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From Rotterdam Holland !!


      Rob's 1981 XJ650H Maxim  With  Rebuilt fusebox pictures!!!!


       John Leus' 1983 V65 Honda Magna SOLD!!


      Scott Jalbert's 1980 XJ650 G    Great Web page with XJ Links!


     Jason Day's 1981 XJ750-A


     Rhino ( ssaledo ) 1986 Maxim X


     The Bowen Collection ( a work in progress )   


      Cheryl Major's 1985 Maxim  


      Charlie's 2002 Harley Davidson V-Rod


      Dazz's custom chopper and Yamaha FS1E (Dazz's web page) 


     Carolyne's  1982 XJ1100 Yamaha Maxim


     Gayle's 1983 XJ750 ML Maxim


      Ginny & Jim's 1980 650 Maxim G


     Bill & Renea's 1981 XJ650


     Jim Robertson's 1982 Seca 750


    Kevin Hunter's 1982 XJ650RJ  Seca


     Michael Stroh's 1982 XJ650RJ from Nova Scotia


     Simon Beever ( Jasper ) 1981 XJ750 RH Seca & his XJ World Relay page


     Jim Smith's 1982 XJ650J Maxim & Maxim X XJ700XS    


    George Ringley's former Yamahog creation


    Mike Harrison's collection of XJ Pictures ( 17 lister's bikes! )


     Marty's 1981 XJ550R Seca     


    Mike Williams 1981 XJ 650 Maxim "a work in progress"


    Kathy Wheeler's 1985 XJ Maxim X


    Jerry Hardman's Project Bike


     Pat Perkin's 1982 650 Seca


     Scott Deam's 1982 XJ  650 Maxim


     Sophia's 1985 XJ750  Maxim X


     Niels Rask's XJ650-4KO EML Sidecar


    Mark Epps' 1981 XJ650 Maxim


    Larry's 2002 Yamaha V-Star 1100


    JJesse Schraner's 1986 XJ700


     Steve C's Seca            


     Paul Kerr's web page                    


    Mike Thomas' 1986 750 Maxim X    XJ750XS     


      Dean Rachwitz's 1982 Seca 550                                       


     Jeff's "DarkStar"   XJ750RJ Seca  ADDED OCT 26th  Hey Jeff, what year is this bike?


     The Reverend Carlton K. Larsen's XJ650/750 Maxim/Seca   


     Patrick Staley's 1983 XJ750 ( Valerie )  


     Tom Tracey's 1981 Seca 750 This is his web page link. Bike is 2nd group first 3 pics. ENJOY!!


     Per S. Nielsen's XJ650 11N from Norway 


     Paul Hickman's 1982  XJ650 RJ Seca from Lancashire, England 


     Charlie Ferguson's 1982 XJ 750J from Scotland !!   REBUILT WEB PAGE  5/19/04


     Doug Rojek's XJ650J    Lots of clear, sharp pics!!


    Mike Kampman's 1985 XJ700N from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada   


    Forrest Furbush's Custom 1982 Maxim 550 Custom built by Custom Metal Concepts in Bend, OR


   Matt & Pam's 1982 Seca 550 from Ohio 


   Larry from Nova Scotia--waiting for more info


   Chris Munoz's gorgeous 1982 Yamaha Sec XJ550 Added 2/07


   James Ridener's 1982 Yamaha Seca XJ750 Added 12/07


  Hank's 1983 Yamaha Seca 900 Added 12/07  






       ?                     Bikes with unknown owners


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