May 18th Two Thousand Two


Secrets of a Happy Couple


Healthy couples see themselves as strong individuals, but they find that being a couple makes them happier. They believe that by acting together they are stronger than they would be as separate individuals.

They share power. Sometimes one partner takes charge, and sometimes the other, depending upon who is more suited for the situation.

They are not afraid to quarrel because they have the confidence that their relationship can survive occasional outbursts.

They try to take a positive attitude toward conflicts. When interests diverge or clash, they negotiate a solution that benefits the couple, without taking the attitude that one person is giving up something for the sake of the other.

They accept the facts that there will be some areas of disagreement, and they try to live with these differences.

They give each other some independence and privacy, allowing each other to have outside friendships and activities without jealousy.

They take interest in each other's jobs and activities.

One person does not fear that the other will change. In fact, they view personal change as good for the relationship because it keeps things interesting.

Their personal relationship is independent of their relationships to their parents and children. They do not allow their feelings for other family members to govern their personal relationship.

They share all emotions, sorrow as well as happiness.

They don't assume that life has to be rosy all the time.






Best Man's Toast to the Bride & Groom


It all started out on a warm summer day,

Chris was out cruisin' with her best friend Renee

Renee had a friend that lived close by,

So they stopped in, just to say Hi

Todd came to the door and thought

Who is this?

Renee introduced her as her best friend Chris

He thought she was cute,

She thought he was funny

For a bike ride they'd go,

On a day so sunny

Through the summer they talked,

And walked side by side

Their feelings were growing,

The kind you can't hide

And now we're all here

Cuz of that day in the sun

What used to be two,

Has now become one

- Robert Langlois *Best Man*



The Wedding Story



Todd as The Groom
Christina as The Bride
Rob as The Best Man
Renee as The Matron of Honor
Bridget as The Maid of Honor
Emily as The Bridesmaid
Jessica as The Flower Girl

Also starring as Parents of The Bride
Bev & Rick


The Groom



The Arrival



Signing the Marriage Certificate



Renee & Bridget with The Bride








Christina & Father



"Thank you, Dad"



Mother & The Bride



Rob & Todd



"Good Luck Buddy!!"






Rob & Renee













Rick & Christina



Giving the Bride away



Collision during the "hand-off"



And the Dream begins...






Putting on her ring



Putting on his ring



Lighting the Unity Candle









True Everlasting Love






The Bride and Groom




















Dad & Mom



The Bride and her girls



The Bride & her parents



The Bride & her sister









The wedding party






Ever see a happier bunch?



We did it!!!!












Our carriage awaits



Dreams do come true


To everyone who attended the wedding, mailed a card, sent email or phoned us wishing us the very best on our special day, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this one of the most memorable events ever in our lives and reminding us that we have such wonderful friends and family who truly do love us.
The Bride & Groom

The Groom